• Each job undertaken is priced independently since the technologies used and the various unique features of each site will vary considerably.
  • We do not have a fixed pricing policy since we like to provide the company with a more accurate quote depending on exact requirements so that there are no nasty surprises when the site is delivered. You will often find web design agencies giving a fixed cost website quote - this in almost all cases will tend to give a higher cost to you as the client.
  • We like to get to know the company, preferably by visiting you if you are local, so that we can ascertain your requirements and give you suggestions before providing a quotation and starting work on your site. A visit by us will probably provide you ideas and suggestions you may not have already considered, often reducing your expected cost! We provide free, no obligation quotes so please get in touch. We don't mind you shopping around but are confident you will find we offer very attractive rates! Please read on below for more about our pricing.


As explained above, we do not charge a set fee for a website; it is dependent on many factors. Most web design companies charge a price 'per page'. However, this is often not a satisfactory way of charging as different pages will vary in size and content and thus the amount of time they will take to produce. In general, the larger the site, the cheaper the average cost per page. Usually the first page or two will take a lot longer than the rest of the site once an initial 'template' has been designed and decided on by all parties.

As a guideline, a medium-sized site for a small business (say around 5-10 pages like this site) for a company which can supply logos and has an idea of what they want, will take between a couple of days and a week or so to complete and will cost around £600 for a text and graphics only site. However, the site will take longer and cost more if more complex graphics or 'flash' movies and other features such as a shopping cart are added. We often supply websites (generally Wordpress Blogs or Content Management Systems (CMS sites) which customers can update themselves. This has a higher cost initially (between £500 to £1000 generally) to set up a template and functionality but in the long run saves on hours of updating costs.

A point which is often neglected is the maintenance of the site once it is live. We encourage companies who are likely to have to update their sites on a regular basis to give this task to an employee (using a CMS site or an online shop management interface depending on the site structure). We can provide training at reasonable hourly rates and offer advice on any software and hardware needed. We can, of course, update the site ourselves and generally charge around £35+VAT per hour for this service which again you will find is a very competitive rate.


Please give us an idea of the general look and feel of the site you would like and whether you will need logos and other graphics designing or whether you have these available already which we can incorporate into the design. Look at other web sites and give us an idea of the type of site you require. This will help us give you an indicative cost for the project you have in mind. Assign someone in the company as a contact point for us so that we can deal with the same person/team reducing communication overhead, saving both time and money on both accounts! Ideally this person should be web literate and have a good feel for what the company needs are from the website.


If possible, plan your site carefully and write, edit and supply your site's final content in advance. This will save time and money by avoiding simple oversights or delays and giving us a better idea of the site structure and layout.